what is more peaceful than noise?

ty gallop: personal project (fiction)

About my fiction

Inspired by authors like Fernando Pessoa, Jean-Paul Sartre, George Saunders, and Ocean Vuong, my fiction and essays are rooted in existential, introspective literature — usually lined with humour, honesty, and oddness.

What motivates me as a writer is creating stories that translate and articulate sometimes dark, but human, ideas and experiences in a way that responds to how we read and interact with information today. This tends to lead to some strange, unconventional ways of manipulating story structure, narrative, and prose.



    About the project

    What is more peaceful than noise? is experimental prose that plays heavily with form and structure, revolved around concepts of anxiety, social performance, and identity.  

    Best described as a strange kind of ‘choose your own adventure’ book, the story follows two eccentric, performative characters as they interact with one another and the world around them. Each section is very short, with the story having up to 6 different paths a reader can take following each section.

    The overall goal of the project is to question the linear, singular structure that nearly all fiction follows; reflecting the random and unpredictable nature of everyday life.

    instagram series (inspired from original)