Workplace by Meta

Project #1: Workplace composer features

  • UX content for new features: post preview, polls, in-line images and tables.
  • Composer content quality improvements: all navigation labels, warnings and error states. 
  • Information architecture (IA) planning and functionality strategy based on engineering limitations and product goals.
  • Tooltips and other user education to support feature discoverability. 


  • We saw a high usage of polls for new use cases. Identified and released settings to allow for reduced ‘voter bias’, adding a poll end time, image attachments, and more. 
  • All features saw immediate usage, supported by contextual tooltips and purposeful information architecture.
  • During early tracking, we saw an average of 65% of posts with more than 150 words utilising post preview.


About the project

The composer is the main tool for content creation in Workplace, with a high amount of daily active users ranging from employees to executive leaders. With a diverse audience, there is a wide range of needs and use cases, with a growing demand for new features. On the UX content side, this means:

    • Purposeful information architecture: With more than a dozen features and tools, ensuring the navigation and overall UX is clear and intuitive.  
    • High quality labels and microcopy: Without much space for copy in the composer, labels, feature names and all microcopy needs to be extremely clear and easy to follow.
    • Educational ‘moments’: Creators followed habitual creation patterns in the composer. I helped create contextual and non-intrusive in-product education through tooltips and other components to help users discover new ways of working.

With the new release of features, other content tasks included creating content for new settings, auditing and reviewing terminology use, and reviewing all success, warning and error states.  

Project #2: Redesigning the ‘go live’ experience 

  • Overall strategic input on how to improve the existing ‘go live’ experience; help define key release milestones. 
  • Create all UX content for the new ‘go live’ experience. This included content for milestones and for a future vision.
  • Define all terminology across the Live experience; perform an audit on the existing experience to align.
  • Content for new engagement tools, like ‘live polls’, ‘live questions’ and ‘chapters’.


  • New terminology glossary that is updated and reviewed monthly with new terms.
  • Aligned and built a new set-up flow based on data and user behaviours that optimises the ‘go live’ experience.
  • Completed design and content for ‘vision’ work, which received a positive response during user testing.
  • Released a number of engagement features to boost viewer participation and overall consumption.
About the project

The ‘go live’ and broadcast experience in Workplace was leading to significant drop-offs. Also, certain features, flows and experiences weren’t being used due to discoverability issues and a lack of UX clarity.

Working closely with product design, user research, and product management, I contributed to a new ‘go live’ flow in Workplace. On the content design end, this meant advocating for a simpler, more intuitive set up experience, and purposing new content that was clear, instructive and easier to follow.

Some of the additional work included reimagining what a ‘best-in-class’ Live experience would look like, running sprints and supporting user research sessions, auditing terminology based on user findings, and defining a strategy to surface education on useful features for broadcasters at the right times.

Below are some examples of educational moments and onboarding I created for targeted audiences.

Live video onboarding + education examples  

Project #3: Content Manager 

  • All UX content and information architecture for a brand-new product area in Workplace.
  • Complete a feature naming process, including team brainstorms, brand review and user validation.
  • Support user researcher across 3 weeks of concept validation: create user questions, build user narratives, and monitor research sessions.


  • Successful release of Content Manager; worked closely with lead engineer on final design and content quality review prior to beta.
  • Completed and defined a naming process, working with brand, localisation, legal, and product marketing teams.
  • Helped problem solve various UX issues and engineer limitations prior to release; helped identify and fix issues with the navigation and main table layout.
  • Successful user research validation of ‘Content Manager’ vision work.
About the project

The Content Manager allows all creators to manage, schedule and track insights for all of their posts across Workplace. It’s an entirely new area in Workplace and required close collaboration with product managers, engineers and product designers to define and build.

On the content side, this meant new UX content throughout the Content Manager experience (microcopy, set-up flows, labels, etc.), with new navigation and content structures that needed to be defined across newly-created areas.

I also worked closely with researchers and designers to define a future vision of the Content Manager. This required new content for additional areas for insights, planners and more.

Prior to its successful release, I worked closely with the lead engineer on a bug and quality check, helping identify and solve various UX issues.