Project #1: New navigation & onboarding

  • All UX content
  • Voice & tone strategy
  • User onboarding strategy
  • User research initiatives


  • Seamlessly transitioned +18 million users to a new UI
  • Successful onboarding with no significant spike in support tickets
  • Positive social sentiment and increased engagement with various parts of the product


About the project

Hootsuite hadn’t changed its UI look and feel for half a decade. With a new brand, Tyler worked as lead UX writer alongside a team of designers, illustrators, and researchers and was responsible for developing and writing all copy that went into the transition from an old to a new experience. This included:

    • A 2-week communication plan for upcoming changes and an early opt-in experience
    • An onboarding tutorial and walkthrough for users to learn what changed
    • Updates to all UI navigation text to adjust to the new brand voice

This project impacted all of Hootsuite’s users (+18 million) and had a positive overall response from users, in both onboarding completion and feedback received.

The new opt-in, onboarding, and navigation experience

Project #2: Accessibility & terminology initatives

  • Define and establish content accessibility at Hootsuite
  • Develop an in-product terminology resource
  • Meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements
  • Collaborate with multiple teams to define processes


  • Resource: Accessible writing & content guidelines
  • Resource: Terminology glossary
  • A defined process to approve terminology
  • A full content audit for highly inconsistent terms
About the project

In 2020, Hootsuite made it a focus to tackle some key accessibility and localization issues in the product. As a part of the User Education team, Tyler led the research and creation of writing resources that aimed to help ensure both the help center and in-product content met WCAG 2.0 requirements.

This consisted of checking in-product copy for potential translation issues, making sure all content met assistive technology requirements, and fixing any potential concerns relating to user inclusion.

As an extension of this project, Tyler also created Hootsuite’s in-product terminology glossary. With inconsistent terms used throughout Hootsuite, many users encountered confusing in-product experiences that led to drop-off. The glossary includes focused definitions, use rules, and use examples, with a process centred around company-wide collaboration.

Let us know if you’re interested in learning more. Resources are currently only available for internal use.